Magana Trial Manager


Perfect for researchers, physicians and students


Modular design

Only pay for the features you really need in your study.

No hidden cost

Full cost transparency and no hidden fees – plan your study budget with confidence.

Free support

You can reach us via Email or phone. Each study comes with an advanced support plan that fits your needs.

Advantages at a glance

Our Goal: Supporting your processes with our software

Free for small studies

up to 30 patients over one year max, single center

Independent of your inhouse IT infrastructure

Accessible from anywhere in your browser. No support by your IT department required.

Multi-center and multi-language support

View the collected data in your language of choice.

Automated reports

Generate reports on your data, anytime. Define the content of your reports and have it generated at the press of a button. Ideal for monitoring your study progress, intermediate and final reports.

Keep your peace of mind

Security features

Focus on your study and let us handle the software

You own all your data – period.

Our servers are located in Germany. Other locations are available upon request.

GDPR compliant

State of the art encryption: TLS 1.3 and AES-256