About us

Communication is the key to long-term partnerships

The whole MaganaMed team is dedicated to supporting our customers in order to conduct high quality Clinical Trials.
Highly trained software developers, physicians, researchers, product experts and customer service members are pationate about delivering the best software possible. Thereby, three main topics build the core of our philosophy:

Communication is key to understanding one another and to working together to find the perfect solution. We are interested in stable and long-term partnerships. We meet our customers at eye-level and identify together how we can support you best.

Digitalilzation mustn’t make things more complex but must be used to make your work easier. It’s an opportunity. We at MaganaMed want to take this chance to simplify your daily business of Clinical Trials. If you don’t feel the software, it’s a good software. Our Magana Trial Manager shall support you in your workflows, in your thinking and your actions. Our aim is that the system perfectly integrates into your daily work. Using it should be so smooth and intuitive that you don’t have to think about it.

Customer orientation
Finding solutions for our customers is what drives us at MaganaMed. Please contact us at any time. Our aim is that you can fully focus on your clinical trial. Let us handle the software!

Your MaganaMed Team