Explore some of the features that make Magana Trial Manager easy to use, intuitive and secure
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Intuitive form designer
Design your case report forms in no time with our intuitive form designer. Use radio buttons, check boxes, text or numeric fields, sliders and much more to design any form.
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Electronic CRFs – or on paper if needed
Sometimes, you may need a paper form – e.g. for elderly patients or when no internet access is possible. Magana Trial Manager supports both and will support you in printing them and getting the data back into the database, easily.
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Biosample Management
Keep track of your samples. Magana Trial Manager will create barcode labels for you, assist in packing and shipping.

Easy but powerful features to run your study

We support the entire study process – from CRF design and recruiting through to data analysis.
Unlimited visits
Egal, wie No matter how many data points you need – Magana handles it with ease.
Mobile data entry
Each study site can fill in CRFs from any device, anywhere in the world. They can easily add comments or attach documents like lab reports, X-rays, pathology reports, etc.
Online Query Management
Unclear responses or additional comments? Implausible data point? Use our query management to open and handle queries – automatically and reliably logged.
Unlimited multi-center and multi-language capabilities
Magana's intuitive but powerful user management gives you complete control – especially in multicenter studies with many study nurses and researchers. Design different language versions of your CRFs but view the results in the language of your choice.

Quality assurance

Easy, secure, GCP compliant
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Secure encrypted data storage
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Automated audit trail
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Data cleaning and data validation
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Automated data check based on flexible rules