Prospective Covid19 cohort Tirschenreuth (TiKoCo19)

Study with 4800 participants uses the MaganaMed software

Scientists at the University Hospitals of Regensburg and Erlangen have their sights firmly set on 29 June as the start of the antibody test commissioned by the State Ministry of Science and Art (StMWK) as part of the study "Prospective Covid19 Cohort Tirschenreuth" (TiKoCo19). Based on a random sample analysis carried out by the communities in the Tirschenreuth district, 7,200 potential study participants were identified in the past few days. Of these, an initial 4,800 residents will receive mail from the two university hospitals in the next few days, where Prof. Dr. Wagner, University of Regensburg, and Prof. Dr. Überla, FAU University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, are seeking voluntary participation in the study.

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